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 Anime And Character Preferences

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PostSubject: Anime And Character Preferences   Wed Mar 16, 2011 6:39 pm

To anyone who actually bothers to access this site despite it being 99% dead and actually bothers to log in and post.
As the topic says, what anime / character preferences do you have? (Ex. imouto, smut, harem, angels, mutants, feudal era, medieval age, vampire, ecchi, shonen, cute, bloody, meganeko, osananajimi, comedy etc.)

My preferences are (in no particular order) :
1. Creatures of the dark (vampire, werewolf etc.)
2. Dark theme (mainly serious and dark plotline)
3. Romance (hopefully without catfights or behind-the-scenes stuff)
4. Comedy
5. Secret identity (vampire, military agent, mass murderer etc.)
6. Fantasy/action (thing is, they usually come together)
7. Sisters (call me a pervert for all i care)
8. Emotional (KEY!!!)

Character preferences (also in no particular order) :
1. Dark appearance (black hair, blood red eyes, gothic clothing without the makeup etc.)
2. Good hairstyle (Hatsune Miku, Tohsaka Rin, Nymph...)
3. Creature of the dark
4. Secret identity
5. Powerful and unwimpy
6. Calm and collected
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Anime And Character Preferences
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