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 My introduction.

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PostSubject: My introduction.   Mon Jan 03, 2011 1:54 pm

Hello, my name is André, I am from Germany and I am pretty new to Anime, to be honest (compared to most stuff I've heard until now). Everything started with Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, which I started watching in April (?) of 2010, probably a little bit earlier. After that, I wasn't watching any Anime for a long time. I think it was in september, when I visited /a/, mostly because of boredom (I was a complete /v/irgin before) and I got in contact with a K-on general thread (which are still made every day). I read trough it a bit, looking trough some images and I thought, this could be interesting, even though I had always thought of most Animes as fighting based shows, never thought I would ever want to see such an Anime. So I started watching K-on and well, I liked it (even though I never got the chance to participate in one of the famous "K-on tuesdays" (at least I believe that it were tuesdays, don't really remember)). What followed were weeks and months of visiting K-on generals, discussing and fighting of double guy spammers. I also started to watch some Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, due to /a/ beeing excited as shit about it, but it didn't really change anything, even though it's a funny show. Then, on one day, I saw a thread on /a/. The opening post said something about an Anime called Angel Beats!, from which I had never heard before for some reason. I opened it and saw some pictures of, how I learned later, Kanade. I also heard, that it would be somewhat music related. Well, that was enough to get me interested in watching it, so I started to watch it in the evening the next day (which was actually about a week ago!). Well, what shall I say, I didn't sleep that night. I completed it around 6 am and I went on /a/ again, to look if there's a thread about it around. In that thread, I heard, that a second season would be coming and I got a link to the another Epilogue clip.
A few days later, my Kanade folder already reached a size of nearly a hundred pictures and I started a Kanade thread on /a/, in which I actually got the link to this page here.
Well, this is the story why I am here today (the part of me explaining who I am actually got rather small, but I am too lazy to fix that now).
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My introduction.
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