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 Hello There Admin Here

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PostSubject: Hello There Admin Here   Mon Dec 06, 2010 10:09 am

Testing here will post my own introduction later

I'm the Admin as you can see here I made this forum and I lead the Angel Beats! Visual Project.

I'm a college student taking a two year course in IT and currently on my second year, after that I may take a course into university.

I watch anime regularly, my current show of the season is the world god only knows due to being a fan of the manga for a long time, the other shows I'm watching this season are ore no imouto, arakawa under the bridge x brdge, bakuman, star driver, shinrayaku! ika musume and soredemo to aru majutsu no index 2 at the moment. my favorite all time anime would be fullmetal alchemist: brotherhood.

As for manga I read alot so I'll just condese it, my favorite completed manga would be fullmetal alchemist, as for my favorite weekly manga it would be the world god only knows and Beelzebub, as for monthly it would be yotsuba and soul eater.

that's really it from me, i hope you enjoy the project and our releases and hope to speak with all of you who are on the forum at some point.
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Hello There Admin Here
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